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About Reiki


The word Reiki originates from Japan and can be translated as universal life energy.

This is the energy of life itself, which is present in all living beings and is called "life force" in many Eastern tradiotions. In the Usui System of Reiki this energy is used to promote physical and mental healing.


Reiki as a practice is a natural healing method that supports the whole person, that is, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It improves health, increases the joy of life and creates balance where it is needed.

Every person benefits from an unimpeded flow of life energy through the body. By applying Reiki the flow of life energy is stimulated and any blockages in the flow are lifted. Reiki supports the self-healing capacity of the body and with prolonged application of Reiki (by receiving Reiki treatments or by learning to apply it yourself) a process of inner growth and healing starts.


You can experience Reiki by receiving a Reiki treatment. The person receiving the treatment takes place - clothed - on a treatment table and then the practitioner places his hands on a number of fixed positions on the body of the client. In this way Reiki is passed on through the hands.


People choose a Reiki treatment for various reasons. For example because it is pleasant and relaxing and helps to recharge your energy. Or because someone suffers from mental or physical complaints and wants to do something about it.


In my experience Reiki has a calming effect, heals unprocessed emotions and traumas and helps to get 'out of your mind' and to stop racing thoughts. Reiki brings inner balance and helps to increase the contact with your body, so that feel more grounded in daily life. People usually experience a Reiki treatment as a pleasant warmth that has a relaxing effect.



Reiki treatments


In my practice at the Stadhouderslaan 9, I give Reiki treatments by appointment.


A Reiki treatment usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours and the price is € 75.


For the treatment of specific or chronic complaints, it may be good to start with a cycle of 4 consecutive Reiki treatments (on four consecutive days) to give the healing process a good start.

The price of four treatments (on consecutive days) is € 280.


For more information about Reiki treatments or to book a session, click here or contact me via tel. 06 29 45 8066.


If you want to learn to apply Reiki yourself, you can follow a first degree Reiki course.


Introduction session
For people who would like to get a taste of Reiki, I offer an introduction session of 25 minutes for € 35.

Reiki behandelingen
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