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Reiki I

Reiki course I.


Reiki is easy to learn by anyone. A first degree Reiki course is given in 4 consecutive half-days of approximately 3 hours.


A first degree Reiki course is sufficient to give a full Reiki treatment. During the course you will learn about the history of Reiki, how you can treat yourself and others and you will receive 4 initiations (one per day), so that the energy channels are opened and the Reiki energy has free access again. After the course you will be able to give yourself and other people Reiki.


The price for a first degree Reiki course is € 200.


Planning Reiki I courses:

​May 2024 

1 - 4 May 2024

Wednesday - Friday, 19.30u - 22.00u.

Saturday, 14.00u - 17.00u.

Location: Hollanderstraat 46, Den Haag

Price: €  200.


Juli 2024 

29 July - 1 August 2024

Monday - Thursday 19.30u - 22.00u.


Location: Hollanderstraat 46, Den Haag

Price: €  200.

August 2024 

22 - 25 August 2024

Thursday and Friday, 19.30u - 22.00u.

Saturday and Sunday, 14.00u - 17.00u.

To register for a course, you can send an email via contact. I will then contact you.


Reiki 2 course 

For people who have practiced the first degree of Reiki for at least a year and who treat themselves daily, there is the possibility to deepen themselves further in Reiki by following a second degree Reiki course. During the course you will receive the second degree initiation, you will learn the three Reiki symbols and their application, an explanation is given about the absolute and the relative universe and you will learn to give a Reiki treatment at a distance and the mental treatment.


A second-degree course is given in 3 half-day sessions of approximately 3 hours. The price for a second degree Reiki course is € 500.


If you are considering taking a second degree Reiki course or have any questions about it, I would like to invite you for an exploratory meeting to tell you more about the practice of the second degree and to discuss when it is the right time for you to take the second degree course to follow.


Planning Reiki II courses:


August 2024

Thursday evening August 15, (19.30 - 21.00u) and Saturday and Sunday 17 and 18 August    

(19.30u - 22.00u).


Place: Hollanderstraat 46, The Hague

Price: € 500.


If you would like more information about a Reiki II course, please contact me by phone (06 29 45 80 66) or by contact.


Reiki information   


On request I host a Reiki information gathering at the Hollanderstraat 46 in The Hague.


During this informal meeting you will receive information about the background of Reiki, how it is applied to people and animals and how you can learn to practice Reiki yourself. There is also an opportunity to experience Reiki yourself.


If you want to be present, please contact me by phone (06 29 45 80 66) or via contact.

Admission is free.


Reiki share evenings


The idea behind a Reiki Share is to exchange Reiki with each other and in this way gain more experience with the treatment of others and also receive Reiki from other people.


There is also an opportunity to ask questions about the practice of Reiki and to get to know other Reiki students.


If you want to participate, you can register via contact



Every last Monday of the month.

Time: 7.30pm - 10pm
Location: Hollanderstraat 46, The Hague


The contribution to the evening is Euro 10, -



Reiki Healing Circle in nature


The Reiki Healing Circle takes place in 'het Scheveningse bos'. The idea behind the circle is to connect as a group in the field of Reiki with the intention of healing the relationship between people and the earth.


We gather at the tram stop on the corner of Scheveningseweg and Jacob Catalaan (stop Ary vd Spuyweg) and go together to the spot in the Scheveningse forest. We will then be in Reiki for about half an hour and then finish together. Times and dates see below.


Tip: bring something to sit on (a blanket, yoga mat or something similar) because the grass can be wet.


If you cannot be physically present, you can also connect energetically with the group from home and still be connected together in the field of Reiki.


You can register via contact.


Dates will follow soon.

Participation is free. If you would like to support the Reiki circle financially, please make a donation to MobiUs Foundation:



Online Reiki meditation


Every Thursday afternoon from 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm I facilitate an online Reiki meditation through Reiki Home.

You do not have to register for the mediation and you can participate by clicking on

the link



For more information and the agenda of Reiki Home see:




Men's circle


For quite some time now I have been working on the theme of masculinity and what is being asked of todays men. What I mean by that is: practicing a new kind of masculinity. Grown up. Ripe. And willing to take responsibility. Among other things, by being a clear and appealing example to young people how you can deal with work, women, your inner life and the earth.


For this purpose I organise circles of men to sit together and talk. To explore, gain new insights and have fun.

With the starting point: what makes a man a man?

In my view we are ready for new examples of what it means to be a man. Beyond the old identity of manhood. 

Based on the desire to recognize our own sensitivity and to shape it in a masculine way. New healthy male strength: what does it feel like and what does it look like in everyday life?


If you are interested in participating, please contact me via contact or tel. 06 29 45 80 66.


Time: on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 pm - 10.00 pm.

Location: The Hague


I am looking forward to hear from you.




Reiki II
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