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Dealing with differences


 The power of connection - 3 day parts

'Beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a place, I will meet you there'

Interacting with other people can feel like flowing and full of life. But sometimes it is more difficult to connect  and the flow seems to stagnate; we lose contact. The words we use to express ourselves play an important role in this. 


This workshop is inspired by the model for nonviolent communication and the principles of regenerative development. The focus is on developing awareness about feelings and needs and the way in which you express them. To this end, the following topics are discussed:


Assumptions and judgments 
Becoming aware of how you experience life and the assumptions on which it is based contributes to clarity and can prevent disappointment. We explore the difference between opinions, judgements, assumptions and feelings.  


Connecting with yourself and others
How can you restore contact with each other and safety within the group in conversations in which the tension between people rises?


Creating space in conversations
Sometimes you can get so stuck in a conversation that you don't know what to say or even think you are being attacked. How do you re-create space for movement and connection in such a situation?

The workshop has an interactive character and aims to gain new insights and experiences about communication with ourselves and others: developing our ability to living in harmony and respect with each other and the world around us.




January 2024: 11, 18, 25

Times: from 19:00 – 22:00

Price: € 150,- 

Location: The Hague

Sign up or more information:  or 06294589066.

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